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Connecting Dots

Empowering Education and Behavioral Health with Innovative Technology for Government, Military, Philanthropy, Startups, and Nonprofits


I am passionate about driving positive change through innovation. I have an extensive track record of developing multi-disciplinary teams to leverage the latest technologies to drive social impact. I have developed programs at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Office of Naval Research (ONR) and have helped inform innovation strategies for major philanthropies. I was Executive Director for STEM Initiatives during the Obama Administration and Chief Science Officer at the American Psychological Association.


My vision is to create a world where evidence-based technology solutions are leveraged for social good. I believe that new approaches to innovation are the key to solving some of the world's most pressing social challenges, and I am committed to driving positive change.

Emerging technologies have the power to close social disparities or widen them, so we must look to evidence-based and intentional design and development.

What I Offer

  • Extensive background working with military, government, philanthropies, and nonprofits

  • Public Policy advice across sectors

  • Frequent public speaking experience across multiple venues

  • Expert on innovative processes for R&D

  • Creating and managing multi-disciplinary teams for impact
  • Using XR, Games, Comics, AI and other media and technology to improve education and psychologcal health
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