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Connecting Dots

Empowering Education and Behavioral Health with Innovative Technology for Government, Military, Philanthropy, Startups, and Nonprofits


As a veteran DARPA and ONR program developer, I'm dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge technology for positive societal change. My expertise spans artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and educational technology, driving innovations that transform lives across diverse populations, including those with autism.


Key highlights:

• Led groundbreaking DARPA and ONR initiatives in tech-driven social impact

• Shaped innovation strategies for major philanthropic organizations

• Served as Executive Director for STEM Initiatives in the Obama Administration

• Former Chief Science Officer at the American Psychological Association


My multidisciplinary approach combines military insight, academic rigor, and government experience to create impactful solutions in education, mental health, and community empowerment. I'm particularly interested in leveraging technology to support individuals on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent communities.


I envision a future where cutting-edge, evidence-based technologies are powerful catalysts for social good. Innovative approaches, particularly in AI, VR, and EdTech, are key to addressing the world's most pressing social challenges.


I am committed to:

• Driving positive change through responsible technology innovation

• Bridging social disparities with intentional, evidence-based solutions

• Empowering communities through accessible and inclusive tech advancements


Emerging technologies have the potential to either close or widen social gaps in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. I aim to ensure we harness these innovations responsibly, prioritizing ethical design and development to create meaningful, lasting impact.


Together, we can build a more equitable, empowered, and connected world by thoughtfully applying transformative technologies.

What I Offer

  • Technology for Social Good: Leveraging XR, Games, AI, and emerging media to enhance education and psychological health
  • Cross-Sector Expertise: Extensive background in military, government, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors

  • Public Policy Consulting: Providing strategic advice across diverse fields

  •  Engaging Public Speaking: Experienced presenter for various audiences and venues

  • R&D Innovation: Expert in developing and implementing innovative research processes

  •  Multidisciplinary Leadership: Creating and managing diverse teams for maximum impact

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